Sebum Control Anti-Acne Treatment Gel – Oily & Combination Skin – Nia

Sebum Control Anti-Acne Treatment Gel – Oily & Combination Skin – Nia

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Sebum Control Facial Treatment Gel for Oily and Combination Skin – 30ml

A concentrated formula especially for spot breakouts. Use all over for very oily or acne skin. Our anti-acne formula of alpine plant extracts, anti-oxidants and essential oils is anti-inflammatory for pustules (spots with pus on top) and papules (red hard lumps) and will help to balance oil production, reduce redness, tighten pores and reduce the appearance of new blemishes.

Use locally where needed and use all over for oily and combination skin of all ages, hormonal breakouts, blackheads, for shine control, adult and teenage acne to reduce oil production and decrease the formation of new spots and pimples.

Subum Control Anti-Acne Treatment Gel includes
  • Antiseptic anti bacterial ravensara aromantica
  • Copaiba balsam to fight infection
  • Rich in omegas and anti-oxidants for skin health
  • Epilobium fleischeri flower extract sebum balancer
  • Vitamin A and grapefruit to stimulate cell renewal
  • Lavender to reduce scarring, redness and inflammation
  • Anti-bacterial bergamot, soothing aloe vera
Daily Treatment Gel for:
* Oily skin      *Acne     *Hormonal breakouts     * Large pores     *Shiny appearance