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Just Balm for Family - Nia

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Just Balm – Natural Face and Body Balm for Eczema, Dry Skin, Irritated Skin – 150ml

100% Natural Face and Body Balm for dry or irritated skin for all ages.

A 100% natural healing moisturiser that is completely free of all additives or preservatives. This blend of natural fragrance free, skin friendly butters and oils is suitable for the treatment of all itchy, dry or sensitive skin conditions.

Relieves:  * eczema   * dermatitis   * psoriasis   *shaving rash   * flaky patches   * irritation   * skin rashes

Suitable for babies, children and adults.

Pure fragrance free, steroid free, honest to goodness 100% natural butters, oils, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals suited for the routine and  intensive care of dry, itchy or irritated skin conditions, including redness and shaving rash.